Sunday, December 31, 2017

Two New Schwibbögen designed in 2017

I designed two new Schwibbögen this past year.  They were a hit at the Christkindlmarkt S L C
Each design was inspired by two world famous landmarks located in Heidelberg Germany.  The Heidelberg Castle and the Ritter St Georg Town House (Ritter Hotel).

Heidelberg Castle

I will soon be adding the Heidelberg Castle and the Ritter St Georg Town House Schwibbögen to my inventory in my shop on Amazon  Check out my designs at Artisans Boutique

 zum Ritter St Georg (Ritter Hotel) is the oldest surviving house in Heidelberg from 1592

German Cookies and Cookie Boards

This past year I have enjoyed researching early German cookie boards and cookie recipes.  While living in Germany we collected several antique cookie boards from the Netherlands and Germany.   in preparation for the Christkindlmarkt S L C this past year, I designed several cookie boards in the tradition of the early hand carved boards from Germany.  Using two of my favorite German cookie recipes, I baked samples of Spekulatius and Springerle cookies.  The cookie boards were a hit!  I plan to add them soon to my Amazon Shop