Sunday, April 17, 2016


Schwibbogen window arches are  double sided fretwork designs in the Christmas tradition from the German Ore Mountains.  Our handcrafted wood products have certain flair because of the double wood layers.  The mini lights cause parts of the fretsaw work to be emphasized.  In Germany , Schwibbogens are also referred to as Fensterbogen, Fensterlicht, and Lichterbogen. Many of our arch designs depict historical and religious scenes including skylines and landmarks. Not only at Christmas, but all through the year our products will bring a glowing romantic touch to your home.

Our Story
Since my mission to the Netherlands in 1968, my life long dream to return to Europe came true in 2001. My wife and I were both blessed to serve positions working for the U S Department of Defense in Germany for eight years. That experience has had such a positive influence in my life! Now since my federal retirement in 2009 I have returned to doing what I love best! Art! My works now reflect a German flavor which I acquired as we visited many wonderful Christmas markets throughout Germany. The Artisans Boutique was originally an Army wives shop at the US Army Shopping Center in Heidelberg. There we enjoyed selling handicrafts and flipping treasures from our flea market finds. The boutique closed sadly in 2009. My wife as manager of the boutique inherited the original signs which we now proudly display at our shop in Tremonton. The Artisans Boutique has been resurrected in Utah where we proudly display my original Fensterbogen (German), double sided window arches in the Christmas tradition from the German Ore Mountains. Gallery/Shop  
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