Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Newest Custom L D S Temple Schwibbögen Candle Arch Design

I just finished this custom order for the Albuquerque New Mexico L D S Temple.  This same temple or any temple of your choice could be customized for you.  Orders can be placed at Artisans Boutique on Amazon  Inquire by Email to Lee

L D S Temple Schwibbögen Candle Arches

We have a large selection of L D S Temple Schwibbögen Candle Arches which can be purchased as is with the Name of the City and State/Country inscribed, or you may custom order any L D S Temple of your choice and have it memorialized with your special event.  Visit Artisans Boutique at Amazon  Email inquiries to :  leekoldewyn@aol.com

Christmas Schwibbögen Ornament Set Two ~ Set of Seven Ornaments

This second set of seven Schwibbögen Candle Arch Ornaments have several new designs included.  Also created in the  tradition from the German Ore Mountains, these natural wood ornaments will bring a glowing, romantic touch to your home.  Visit our shop at Artisans Boutique on Amazon

Christmas Schwibbögen Ornament Set One ~ Set of Seven Ornaments

We now have our Christmas Schwibbögen Ornaments available in sets of Seven which include many new designs.  Also created in the tradition from the German Ore Mountains, these natural wood Candle Arch Ornaments will bring a glowing romantic touch to you home.  Visit our shop at Artisans Boutique on Amazon
Boutique  at Amazon.

Christkindlmarkt S L C 2016 was Wonderful!

This years Christkindlmarkt 2016 at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake City was a success!  Artisans Boutique was the first booth located at the entrance to the market.  The organizers of the market were so good to work with and so many improvements were made to the market including new wooden floors to all of the booths.  This was the fifth year of Christkindlmarkt S L C  which draws more and more visitors each year.  To see more about this years market you can follow me on Instagram   I have just recently opened a shop on Amazon where you can see many of my Schwibbögens at Artisans Boutique
Lee Koldewyn

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

German Guardian Angel Art

Many of my favorite flea market finds in Germany were guardian angel art prints. After returning to Utah , I have now cleaned and restored my prized collection.  While removing many of the original lithographs from their frames, I was able to see  dates imprinted in the margins of the prints that when framed were not visible.  The oldest date I discovered was 1898.  Through the process of cleaning the prints I had my eyes opened to the early matting and framing techniques of the nineteenth and early twentieth century framing techniques.  It appears that common newsprint strips were glued to attach the prints to the matting and most of the time small brads were used to secure the prints.  Surprisingly, I did find a couple of frames where the mats were fastened with framing points very similar to those of today.  There were many different artists in Germany who painted guardian angel art, and many of the works were copies of previous paintings . Bernhard Plockhorst  (1825 - 1907 ) is probably one of the most know German painters and graphic artists known for his guardian angels and religious art.  Plockhorst's  painting The Guardian Angel (1886), showing an angel and two little children close to an abyss, was reproduced as a color lithography in thousands of copies and greatly influenced the later pictures of guardian angels. Follow me on Instagram
The Guardian Angel (1886)  Bernhard Plockhorst

The Guardian (c.1918)  H. Zabateri (Hans Zatzka)

Hans Zatzka (1859 - 1945) who painted under the name of H. Zabateri, originally painted children on a bridge with a guardian angel. The Guardian (c. 1918) was painted by H. Zabateri as a postcard . Original postcards with the artist's name can be purchased from collectors. Several prints of this painting have been attributed to "Lindberg". Lindberg copied the orginal painting and used brighter colors, detail changes, and simpler figures.  There are pages of prints for sale on the internet by H. Zabateri. They are primarily of religious themes, such as his well known image of "The Last Supper" and another of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus". There is little information on who H. Zabateri was, or where he was from. As with many artists of the era, Zabateri was a pseudonym, another name by which an artist signed his work. H. Zabateri was also known as Hans Zatzka; an Austrian who was born in Vienna in 1859 and died somewhere around 1945. It appears Hans Zatzka used the pseudonym of H. Zabateri for his more Christian religious works, (though there are some allegorical/mythological images with the Zabateri signature). Zatzka was known for his allegorical subjects, genre scenes, and figures. According to online biographies; he spent many years dedicating his painting to the churches and other known establishments of Austria. He was the student of the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna from 1877 to 1882. While he decorated numerous churches of Vienna, Mayerling, Olmutz and Innsbruck, he was most widely known for his passionate images depicting women, fairies and mythological subjects. Aware of the popularity of his women, Zatzka combined his love of painting women into great paintings which were in turn reproduced into postcards. He produced a vast amount of postcards during his time. Hans Zatzka's original work sells for thousands of dollars (U.S.), where as no original Zabateri work has ever shown up at a major auction house. It is possible that the Zabateri originals are being listed at auction as Zatzka's; but this is very difficult to research. 
Hans Zatzka, in addition to Zabateri; also painted under the pseudonym names of P. Ronsard and J. Bernard. 

Now after cleaning and restoring my collection of 37 guardian angel art prints they are on display at the Artists Boutique Gallery in Tremonton, Utah.   Follow me on Instagram

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